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Las Vegas
Card SHow

OCT 6-8, 2022

Located at:

The expo
435 S Grand Central Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89106

This is our showcase event and we will continue to push the envelope to expand the market and bring memories to our attendees that will last a lifetime. This is the show that put us on the map. We set a new standard for the sports card market and had many of our vendors state “This is the most money I’ve made at a show”. Las Vegas Card Show will host more than 400 card vendor tables along with a few other Collectible vendors that compliment the card market.


10am-12pm Vendor Setup

12 pm-7 pm VIP Ticket Holders

1 pm-7 pm GA Ticket Holders


9 am-11 am Vendor Setup

11 am-7 pm VIP Ticket Holders

12 pm-7 pm GA Ticket Holders

7:30 pm- 11pm Tradenight


9 am-10 am Vendor Setup

10 am-7 pm VIP Ticket Holders

11 am-7 pm GA Ticket Holders

9 pm-TBD Vendor Party

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las vegas card show

Located at:


435 S Grand Central Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89106
las vegas card show
6-8 OCT






We are the innovators, the tip of the spear. We push the envelope with the goal of elevating the collectible show experience. We bring value. We make memories. We change The Hobby.

What We Do

Pushing Boundaries

we aim to go above and beyond your expectations of what a collectible should be like. Our entire focus is to elevate your experience on all levels that makes you leave wanting to come back immediately.

who this is for


When change comes knocking it comes with grinding it out against "how it's always been done". We are aware of this and know that the collectors who choose to come to our shows know that a new standard is being set and live for being part of a new movement.

How we do it

All In

We didn't start off with a bunch of money or have someone else pay for everything. We started with nothing and reinvested everything as we went. We spared no expense and gave it all we had so we can deliver the best event possible. This is our standard and we will hold it.

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