About Las Vegas
card show


This show is for the die-hard, passion-filled, market makers. We stand for those looking to push their industry to new heights and expand further than most people believe is possible.

Those who are willing to bridge new connections with other like-minded collectors and possibly learn something new and different.  This show is only a place for possible opportunity, it is up to you to make what you want to come to life.

This show is about you and your passion.


Our main intention for this show is to build a solid foundation for the Las Vegas market. There should be no reason the city of Las Vegas can not have a regular sports card show on a monthly basis that has national attention.

We are also aiming at bridging the sneaker market with the card market. We view these two markets as the same and will only allow both of them to grow to new heights.

The sneaker market brings unique and exciting elements to shows, something we feel deeply needed to elevate our current sports card show experience.

Shows per year

1 large show(600+ tables)

2-3 small shows(100-150 tables)

Collectors we want


Sports memorabilia